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GUI doesnt loads post ST Banner after USART changes in STM32MP157C-DK2 board. DIsplay controller probe failure -22



I have done the modification in the device tree related to inclusion of usart3 as per 3.3.1 Activation of a USART or UART instance in

&usart3 {

pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep", "idle"; /* pin configurations definition */

pinctrl-0 = <&usart3_pins_a>; /* default pin configuration selection */

pinctrl-1 = <&usart3_sleep_pins_a>; /* sleep pin configuration selection */

pinctrl-2 = <&usart3_idle_pins_a>; /* idle pin configuration selection */

status = "okay"; /* device activation */


in the dk2 dsi

, but after kernel booting , Banner seems stuck at ST and doesnt loads the full gui.

I need to connect to it for delta changes in the application and then pushing it to the board using scp but without gui loading I cant test further. Help please !

I can connect via minicom and see ttySTM1 up.

this is the boot log :

I confirm that without any modifications , js building and loading the kernel works fine and GUI loads up.



on further investigating the logs I foudn this differene :

Thee are the logs in which the GUI doesnt loads and it says that there is a failure in the display controller probe. Is the display controller using these USART3 lines?

How can i use it safely or any othe rusart lines?

Please assist.

[ 2.945081] stm32mp157-pinctrl soc:pin-controller@50002000: pin PI10 already requested by 4000f000.serial; cannot claim for 5a001000.display-controller

[ 2.957321] stm32mp157-pinctrl soc:pin-controller@50002000: pin-138 (5a001000.display-controller) status -22

[ 2.967113] stm32mp157-pinctrl soc:pin-controller@50002000: could not request pin 138 (PI10) from group PI10 on device soc:pin-controller@50002000

[ 2.980352] stm32-display 5a001000.display-controller: Error applying setting, reverse things back

[ 2.989501] stm32-display: probe of 5a001000.display-controller failed with error -22