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Seeking Guidance on Using Altium Designer for STM32 PCB using it's design files directly

Associate II


*I've imported successfully of STM32mp157 dk-1 board 's schematics in altium designer and I don't know whether this processor is over advanced for application or it is must need to use for our product. even though I'm newbie with lesser yr of exp , I  was successfully brought 12 lead-ECG wave ..hence, I need to design real  custom pcb with 10.3 inch final end product 1980*720 lvds display..

for that, 
Previously, I was advised to use the i.MX RT1170, but I'm more familiar with STM32 because f7 is used for testing..then for fully prototype, I initially chose the STM32MP157 which is more same as nxp but it is MPU segent. and realized it might be challenging for BGA PCB design. Can experts recommend an STM32 product that's easier to work with for my high-resolution ECG machine application, supporting LTDC-LVDS, Ethernet, FMC, QUADSPI, SDMMC1, USB OTG FS, UART, I2C, and SPI? Thank you..

1. can altium designer helps me, for easily develop and modify the mp157 without much hard compared to create from scratch..if yes, without linux, the A7 is handle the GUI and framebuffer and m4 is for realtime task..
then, In MCU segent.,without bothering about memory usage, can SDRAM itself handle for project with ecg wave displaying and printing..and used for vital signs used for patient monitor,, where as , our ex-engineer told , the testing f7 or less crystal frequency with single core could hang on task with rendering .? is that so,

I attached datasheet for lcd of 1980*720 which is main concern for selecting this MPU..and end applications pics.