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Whether STM32WL will support CAN protocol interfacing?

Associate II

I 'am new to STM32WL & CAN protocol interfacing!

I'm currently working with the STM32CubeMX platform & some examples are given for CAN interfacing for other variants of STM32 MCUs.

But there is no CAN interfacing option available in STM32WL. So I'm unable to use the respective HAL libraries.

Can anyone help me, that whether STM32WL will support CAN interfacing? If so, please share the steps to follow!

Thanks in advance!


the Canbus you see supported in stm's HAL libraries is a Hardware peripheral.

STM32WL doesnt have a canbus periperal builtin.

Your options for using canbus with STM32WL are:

  • Interface dedicated chip:

i2c/spi to Canbus IC like the infamous MCP2515 , because the STM32WL does have a builtin spi hardware peripheral.

  • Interface another stm32 chip:

programm your own i2c/spi/uart/usb/,..... to canbus bridge with another stm32 chip, and then interface it with your stm32wl

  • Implement canbus in software, i have never seen this done and i believe it would be painfull.
we dont need to firmware by ourselves, lets talk
Associate II

Thanks for the words!