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Sychronize time with LoRa Network using STM32WL

Associate III

Hi all,

How can I launch a request to synchronize the date/time at the application level using the LoRa's Stack that the STM32WL uses?

I have seen that there is a function to launch that request, but it is not accessible at the application level since it is defined in the .c but not in the .h

LmHandler.c <<LmHandlerDeviceTimeReq()>>

Is there any way to call this function without modifying the code

Best Regards,


Associate III

Hi all,

In order to set the time synchronizing with the network, what I have had to do is:

Put the function LmHandlerErrorStatus_t LmHandlerDeviceTimeReq(void); in the .h to give it visibility

And when I want call this fuction before LmHandlerSend() to make the synchronization

I don't know if it's the correct way

Best Regards