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Single bonded device in STM32WB

Associate III

I am programming an STM32WB5MMG module. Is it possible to limit the number of bounded devices to one?

One process could be to bound to one device and when I want to bound another, delete all previously bounded devices. However, I would like to only delete the stored device once a new one has been successfully bounded. Is this possible?

My idea is to make use of the whitelist to only allow connections from the bounded device. The system has a button from which to deactivate the whitelist and allow a different device to be bounded (but as I said, I would like to only delete the old device if a new one is successfully bounded).

Best regards and thank you for your time.

ST Employee

Hello @thealbertdev 

I think your implementation can do the job. But you should first understand how works the bounding procedure.

Best Regards.


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