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STM32_WPAN middleware compatibility with STM32H5 and Transparent Mode firmware

Dear ST Support Team,

We are currently working on a project that involves communication between an STM32H5 microcontroller and an STM32WB10CC Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is flashed with the "Transparent Mode" firmware, and we aim to communicate with it using UART, directly sending HCI commands to the stack.

Upon researching potential solutions,
we discovered that the STM32_WPAN middleware appears to implement communication with the stack. However, we are uncertain whether it is possible to run this middleware on the STM32H5 MCU while using the Transparent Mode firmware on the Bluetooth module.

In our current firmware, we have successfully used the HCI command approach to retrieve the firmware version of the Bluetooth module without relying on any libraries.

To proceed with our project, we kindly request your assistance in clarifying the following:

1. Is the STM32_WPAN middleware compatible with the STM32H5 microcontroller?
2. Can the STM32_WPAN middleware be used in conjunction with the Transparent Mode firmware on the STM32WB10CC Bluetooth module? We want to run WAN middleware on H5 and communicate via UART with the stack.
3. If the STM32_WPAN middleware is not suitable for our use case, could you recommend an alternative solution or library that would enable us to communicate with the Bluetooth module using UART and HCI commands while running the Transparent Mode firmware?
4. Is transparent mode a right solution for us? We wan to avoid implementation a inter-processor communication protocol and rely on standard HCI to send commands via UART.

Any guidance or resources you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,
Andrii Shylenko
Software Engineer,
Proemion GMBH.