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[TouchGFX] JPEG Hardware decoder to bitmap cache

Associate II

I have added JPEG hardware decoder on STM32H750 and can convert JPEG image to YCbCr data.

For next step, I'd like to copy the decoded YCbCr data to bitmap cache with converting to RGB.

How to do?

TouchGFX should manage DMA2D, so I think it can't be used for converting and copying.

Could you please help me?



ST Employee

Hello @MTana.1 

This post has been escalated to the ST Online Support Team for additional assistance. 

We'll contact you directly.



Associate II

Hello @MTana.1 ,

SO, were you able to store your image in JPEG format in the controller and using hardware decoder convert and display it on screen?

I am working on a project where i am dealing with around 100 images of resolution 800*480, so facing a memory issue. I am using stm32u5a9 controller which has hardware decoder in it. I now want so help/suggestion in storing the images in jpeg format rather thanj in raw format. 


Could you please explain how you did it? Below is my query post:

I can't do yet. I confirmed the hardware decoder can work, but it can't be put on the frame buffer with TouchGFX.