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Touch GFX with SPI Display.


Hi Community,

I have followed the following link and got the output (SPI display interfacing with Touch GFX). Now I wanted to use the single framebuffer strategy to get the same but no output. So, anyone knows what to do with the single framebuffer strategy?


ST Employee

Hello Vins,

Could you give more information about your configuration please ?

  • Which board do you use ? Are you using a TouchGFX Board Setup or did you start your project from scratch?
  • Which version of TouchGFX Designer do you use ?
  • Which version of STM32CubeMX do you use ?

I've made a quick tutorial about how to enable double buffering strategy with DSI displays. So I guess if you revert the changes I did on the tutorial, you'll have get your board using a single framebuffer strategy.


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Hi @Osman SOYKURT​ 

My configurations.

  1. Custom Board -STM32F769AIY6TR. and I started from the scratch
  2. Touch GFX Version -4.20.2
  3. CubeMX-6.6.1.
  4. CubeIDE-1.10.1.

I am using SPI display. As per the video I got the output for partial framebuffer, but not getting the output for single framebuffer.