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STM32303E-Eval board TFT LCD. I want to display a picture to the LCD display but it does not display anything using bsp_lcd_drawbitmap() function.

Associate II

I am being able to convert the image to header file for c but the header file also needs the starting headers as seen in the stlogo file in examples.

Before the 0xff data of the logo is the information about the size and etc but using the online softwares and tools i am able to generate only the image data part and it misses out on the first few hex bytes of data. How can i get it ?

Is there any other way to display image on LCD ?


ST Employee

Hello @CJaid.1​ ,

The user must convert images to C files respecting the configured pixel input format described in Pixel input format. Some tools may generate C or *.h files with Red and Blue colors swapped. To avoid this issue, the LCD image converter tool can be used.

An LCD image converter example is described in AN4861 Section 6.2.5: Display an image from the internal flash.

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Thank you


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