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RadioButton and RadioButtonGroups

Associate III

I see that you can place multiple radio buttons on a screen and they work as expected. (all the buttons)

Can you have multiple radio button groups on the same screen?

see image below can I have group 1 work independently to group 2

How can I achieve this with independent groupings or can you suggest another widget?

Current requirement is to be able to select either a switch type of N/C or N/O.

PS. I might have more than 2 in the group sometimes.


ST Employee

Hello WhyIsThisSo,

I'm not sure to have correctly understood your question. Can you be more specific please ?

Do you want to uncheck a radio button when you check an other one ?


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX
Associate III

Hi @Osman SOYKURT​ 

Sorry, bit confusing my bad..

General question about radio buttons. Can there be multiple groups on the 1 screen?

See image where 1 is the first click and 2 is the second click. After the 2nd click the first click is deselected. Can / How do you group these?

Another question about custom containers. I would like to have the following button arrangement. I would like to use this button arrangement on several screen and possibly other projects. Only one button can be selected at once. I would need to be able to change the text color and back ground of the selected button. A click event as well for each button.


  • Is a custom container the best approach for this.
  • Should a custom container be created for the button object and other custom container created for the 3 button arrangement
  • What the best way to get a click event for each button
  • How can I change the text color of each button based on the selected button
  • Use radio buttons or regular buttons

PS - Not asking for code to be written but the right approach to this task.