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"Generate Code" with TouchGFX - by using STM32H747 Discovery - folder "STM32CubeIDE" will be not created. Is it possible to use STM32CubeIDE for debugging with STM32H747?

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If I press button "Generate Code" under TouchGFX: With STM32H747 Discovery board folder STM32CubeIDE is missing. But with board STM32H7B3 Discovery kit folder STM32CubeIDE will be created automatically and file ".Project" (for CubeIDE) is generated. Debugging is possible. All works fine. Is it possible to use STM32CubeIDE for debugging with STM32H747?


@Romain DIELEMAN​ With this being the case, what is ST's recommendation, or a series of steps for customers attempting to use the dual core eval boards/ disco kits? How can I take a project from TouchGFX and put into my STM32CubeIDE project?

Surely someone over there can figure out a recipie.



Until the TouchGFX Generator and STM32CubeMX fully support dual cores, the work around (if you truly can only work with STM32CubeIDE, otherwise use the available application templates) would be to create a non-TouchGFX project from STM32CubeMX with correct clock settings etc, generate a project with STM32CubdeIDE, and then merge it with TouchGFX. You can have a look at the application templates available in TouchGFX Designer for the STM32H747dk and eval boards to get inspiration on how to do this (even if they support only gcc and IAR).


I need to make a project with this board, when will we have Touchgfx version 4.17? Do you have a beta?


TouchGFX 4.17 is now live along a new release of the TouchGFX Board Setup (new name for "Application template") for the STM32H747-disco board based on STM32CubeMX and with a STM32CubeIDE project.


Romain, I created projects in the previous version (16.1) and now when I open this project in version 17.0 it doesn't generate code for the STM32CUBEIDE. What do I need to do to generate? Will I have to do a project from scratch?


Yes you will have to start a new project. Upgrading a previous project will not work. We do not want to overwrite whatever stuff you would have done since the new structure is completely different.


Ok I got it.

Another issue, whenever I generate the project through TouchGFX for this board (STM32H747 Discovery), when I try to flash the program on the board in STM32CubeIDE, the M7 core has a problem, "Debugger connection lost" as shown in the image. I've already tried following the tutorial from section 3.1 ( .pdf) and I was unsuccessful. Can you help me?

Image showing the problem:0693W00000BdIG4QAN.png 

On the M4 it works fine.


The Debugger connection lost is the expected behavior. From the Error message it seems like you need to enable the external loader for the STM32H747 disco board. In STM32CubeIDE go to the "Run" tab on the top, and click on the "Run Configurations" option. In the new opened window go to the Debugger tab and scroll down to the bottom and check the "external loader" option. Make sure you select the MT25TL01G_STM32H747I-DISCO.



It works!! Thanks

Perfect 👍