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Is there way of creating separate bin file for UI generated form touchgfx and main source code?



I am working on creating some graphic base applications using touchgfx. I plan to create UI as possible as modular and responsive. After basic configuration of all possible events coming from UI(LCD) I want to create such design where later on there is possibility to change UI by using only touchgfx designer tool. To move ahead I have few quires if anyone can help me out here,


1. Is there any way I can compile the UI related changes from touchgfx designer tool for stm32 based custom board.

2. If yes then, Is there any way to separate out two different binaries: one for UI (generated form touchgfx designer) and second for peripheral configurations, and event handlers for controlling UI inputs.

Chief II

Little info . TouchGFX designer is only generator for cpp source files. Technicaly no bin or compile is part of it.

For your Q1 ofcourse TGFX is designed for custom boards use, but for compile is used any toolchains. Part of TGFX is makefile building for gcc result simulator code etc. Too any IDE can be used as KEIL IAR CubeIDE...

Too custom board project isnt started in TGFX but in MX.

And Q2 two different bin maybe yes , but for what and how intercom? Not good idea.

Thanks for the update,

I want to work with such architecture where I can generate separate binary for UI using Touchgfx designer and we can flash in to external flash. Application firmware will be not modified and it resides in internal flash. Later on user will only change UI part through Touchgfx designer. 


1. How do we create two different binaries for UI and application firmware?

2. Is there any reference or documentation available which I can refer?  


1. technicaly cant. Maybe as library build. Require interface between.

2. NO

In theory dual core MCUs have two bin and you can separate GUI to one, but still you require interface ... not supported yet

ST Employee

Hello @Kshingala ,


Since you want to separate the designing part from the rest, it seems that the best solution would be to ask the "design team" to create a GUI from a blank canvas not assigned to a board (instead assigned to a simulator) :



Then, the rest of them team (the one flashing on the device) can import the GUI designed by the design team :



This way, the design team can modify the GUI as much as they want and then the flashing team can update the project with the changes.


There is no way to flash 2 different binaries as far as I know.


If this solved your issue, I invite you to select my message as "best answer".



Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)

@MM..1 wrote:

1. technicaly cant. Maybe as library build. Require interface between.

Hmmm ... that depends.

No STM32 model has been mentioned - it would need to be one that supports code execution from external flash.

And it would require some API for the "internal" code to be able to "call" the external functions - maybe via some entry-points at "well-known" addresses ...

Not trivial.


ST Employee

Hello @Kshingala 


Were you able to move forward with your project?



Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)