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I have a problem with a Riverdi 10.1 display.

Associate II

Hello, I hope you are well.

The problem is, I create a project in TouchGFX Riverdi_101STM32H7 v2.2.0 (to get the BSP folder), I generate the code in TouchGFX, then I open the STM32CubeIDE, I compile with STM32CubeIDE and I don't have any error. I try to use the default functions in the BSP folder, when compiling with STM32CubeIDE there is no error, but when compiling with TouchGFX to upload to the board it says the following: undefined reference to 'BSP_LED1_toggle'

The only line I add to the task by default is: "BSP_LED1_toggle();"

When it is supposed that everything is ready to use these drivers. I don't understand where my mistake is.

I tried to use other functions from the BSP folder and it always gives me that error (undefined reference to) of the function that I use.

It also happens to me when I want to directly use the functions of the "ff.c" library when compiling with STM32CubeIDE it does not give an error. When I try to upload the program to my board with TouchGFX it gives error:

undefined reference to 'f_mount'

undefined reference to 'f_mkfs'

undefined reference to 'f_open'

Even having the "fatfs.h" and "ff.h" files included.

TouchGFX v4.21.1

STM32CubeIDE v1.11.0

CubeMX v6.7.0

I hope you can understand my problem and help me.

Thank you so much.


Chief II

Projects is optimized to use in TouchGFX if is created in it. When you start add code and use IDE configure upload in IDE and use TouchGFX only generate button.

Thanks for your answer,

I managed to get touchGFX to compile without error by modifying the "makefile_cm7" file. Now it recognizes all the functions, but it can't find the microSD. When entering the function "f_mkfs" it gives me the error "FR_NOT_READY". Apparently the hardware designed by Riverdi has pullup resistors and the pinout is configured automatically when creating the project with touchGFX. So I think it's not hardware.

I have to see how to solve this now.

I also started the development with an embedded Riverdi STM32 display. In the example from TouchGFX, all peripherals are configured on one M7 core.
Are you using two cores in your development? Did you manage to configure the core-M4?

Hello @slavaglow ,
This thread is quite old so you might not get an answer.
If you need to support for your own project, I invite you to open a new thread and we'll try to help you on that new one.
Best regards,

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX