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How to use TouchGFX,STM32cubeIDE, STM32cubeMX these three software to produce a simple GUI program?

Associate II

Hello everyone programmers, I am a beginner of stm32, and now I have a few questions for you:
Question 1: I want to know how to use TouchGFX STM32cubeIDE and STM32cubeMX to make a simple GUI program? Tell me how these three pieces of software work together. For example, I first used touchgfx to select the corresponding development board to generate a blank UI interface, then automatically generated the code configuration.ios file through stm32cubeMX, then generated the code to open using stm32cubeIDE, and then made the GUI through touchgfx. For example, I first make the GUI in touchgfx, then configure a project in stm32cubeMX that corresponds to the model development board, and open the project in stm32cubeIDE. Then open the folder and copy the GUI code generated in touchgfx to the project that has been configured with stm32cubeMX. There may be other ways, but I don't know how these three software work together, if you do, please give me an analysis, thank you!
Question 2: The development board I am using now is STM32H747I-DISCO, which is the dual core of CM4 and CM7, but I do not know how the two work together, such as generating demo in touchgfx, and code files can only be generated in CM7.

Question 3: In the stm32cubeMX, I chose the STM32H747I-DISCO development board. How do I configure the clock tree data and external facilities to make a touch GUI using touchgfx?
Q4: Why can't I import the demo made by the TouchGFX development board to the stm32 development board directly? There are also no details on how to import or burn the touchgfx demo file to the development board, which is not friendly to beginners!