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How to Configured Custom LDTC 1024x600 touch Display for STM32F746IGT Board... without discovery board?


hi friends..

i have configured custome LDTC touch Display for STM32F746IGT controller. I have refferd the following video for configuration:

i have done every thing step by step according to that video and made changes according to my 1024x600 wave share display properties.

after completiing the configurations and cearting GUI in touchGFX im not getting anything on touch Display..

im sharing my project file also ... if some one finding mistakes in my configuration ... pleaz help me to correct it ..


Accepted Solutions

When i commented mx_quadspi_int() .. now its displaying one button that i configured in touchgfx but still background is not coming ...

Through this button i toggled one led also ... and LED is getting toggled without any issue.

i​ think this background issue is coming during fetching the background from memory

Might be im missing something 樂


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What is the exact type of your display ?

Have you run this project on debugger, what it does.. Hardfault ? Do you see the backlight lights up ?

It might be good idea to test it in small pieces. See first that all initializations goes OK, then fill framebuffer with some constant value and try to get display wake up without TGFX and even without RTOS.


Hii @Jukka Pöppönen 

im using LTDC 24 bit RGB888 display type .. and FT5206 driver for it..

Im not getting any hard fault error.

And yes only backlight is getting turned on.



Just some ideas..

  • Have you test with different LTDC signal polarities, what the display datasheet says about signals ?
  • What if you comment out the start of VideoTask, does it affect:

  videoTaskHandle = osThreadNew(videoTaskFunc, NULL, &videoTask_attributes);

  • Test without symbols in external flash.
  • Debug is tgfx even rendering anything on the framebuffer,
  • What if you write some values on framebuffer, is it showed on the screen?


@Jukka Pöppönen​ 

I commented videoTaskfunction and now im getting flickering display...


Good 👍 for me it looks that LTDC parameters/polarities are wrong. What is the type of display ?

Associate III

Hi ,,

Its not relevant to your question but ..

my recent development across STM32H745XIT6 Core Board and 1024X600 TFT running TouchGFX  .



Its a RGB888, st5206, Display, i configured as LTDC only ... and checked all GPIOs.. its matching with 40pin LCD connector's diagram of touch display

Hii Imran .... its nice to see you got output .... would you show me how you done configuration of custom touch Display and touch GFX?.....

I recently started working on touchgfx... and i dont know much about it ... its very easy to do with Discovery boards those are already present in touchgfx.

But its become very complicated when we have to add other sizes of Display to same controller :unamused_face:

Hi ..

I am writing an article about LTDC & TouchGFX configuration.

Next week I will post in this forum .

My above custom designed board is with a lot of communications options.

I also tested TouchGFX With Modbus Master RTU on my previous dev board across stm32f429-disco & also stm32f767 wildfire core board with 800X480 & 1280X720 tfts.

I am using TouchGFX on following TFT resolutions

5inch 1280X720 .. RGB + Spi (Generic Chinese Cellphones)

7inch 800X480 .. RGB (Generic Chinese)

7inch 1024X600 .. RGB (Generic Chinese)

7inch 1024X600 .. LVDS (Samsung Tab3)

and many more from LCD Monitors (LVDS type TFTs )


1280X800 15" LCD Monitor

etc ..

Since TouchGFX need powerful controller so I developed the above board with dual core i-e stm32h745xit6 core board as under.

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000dDQWyQAO.pngSince TouchGFX examples about my target core board was not available so I worked on BareMetal project for stm32h745xit6 and got TouchGFX running .

My plan is to run TouchGFX on CM7 & all communication protocols on CM4 with shared memory.

following is my test of touchgfx on stm32f469i-discovery with hex file attatched.