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How can I add a TouchGFX GUI to an already existing project?

Associate II

I managed to create a GUI in TouchGFX and compile it as a standalone project.

Now, the GUI should be integrated in an existing project that is already up and running (it has some paramters which are statically defined before compilation).

The sliders are meant to be connected to virtual functions which in turn call methods in the main application to edit those parameters dynamically. So, I still want to preserve all the functionalities and structure of my main application and simply add a way to dynamically alter the parameters through the touch screen.

Thanks (I'm on STM32H735G-DK) 🙂

Chief II

If your primary project is generated in MX , then simply add software package TouchGFX and import GUI. But custom drivers and gui func need manual copy.

If not MX or IDE wizard ioc project, add TGFX is more complicated...

I don't think the project was developed in MX. We just use CubeIDE. I tried to look for that "import GUI" setting, but couldn't find it. Fundamentally, I just need a way to edit parameters dynamically, it doesn't matter how it's done. I though TGFX was going to be an easy-ish solution, but it doesn't look like it. Any suggestions to achieve my goal?

CubeIDE have MX plugin. Have your project ioc file ... open it and add software package

After you add package TGFX added is empty template. Open it and in Designer menu search Import GUI.

Ok, I think i understand the workflow now. I need to open my existing project in TouchGFX Designer and add a GUI there. However, I don't get how to do that.

I installed the additional TouchGFX package but I can't manage to generate a file that I can open up in TouchGFX Designer (there I will use the import gui tool as you have suggested).

Can you please help me out with this passage?

No. if your project is in IDE , then have or havnt ioc file.

  1. have ioc open it and add software package
  2. havnt ioc you need recreate your project with ioc as new project and copy custom codes to user parts... then jump to 1

Ok, I finally managed to get this under control (.ioc and extension files).

However, now I'm stuck at this other thing you mentioned "But custom drivers and gui func need manual copy" . The expansion pack fails to correctly import all the necessary dependancies. Even when I'm manually importing it fails to compile. Any suggestions?

Maybe we dont understand, what you ask. Try write step you do and where you fail.