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Hi everyone, I created a project via Touch GFX. I write calculations codes and others things with CubeIDE. I can't open the project on another computer. It gives error. It want file root of creater computer. I'm begineer in STM32 :)

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How you open project in new PC???

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hi, I open on CubeIDE and debug. It gives error. 0693W00000Ly0Y7QAJ.jpg

Learn howto use Eclipse projects.

  1. Open on CubeIDE is ? I use double click on .project file this add project to workspace.
  2. On project name click R mouse select BUILD
  3. ...

Okay, i know use eclipse projects. I think I didn't explain my question well.

When i build or debug the project(created by creator pc) on CubeIDE, it gives target file error on another pc.

I created project on Touch GFX and wrote the code on CubeIDE. And I build and run target to STM32H747I. It perfectly run.

But I sended project to my friend. He opens the project on his pc and builds. But CubeIDE gives error.

Hello there!

How do you send the project to your friend? Some projects contains references outside of the project structure if, for example, you're using a project example through an STM32CubeFW package.

Are you sending the project as-is? Or using the export function File -> Export that is inside of STM32CubeIDE.