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What are the correct settings to run ADC at max speed on STM32H747I-DISCO?

Associate III


From the datasheet it appears that it should be possible to run ADC
with resolution 8 bit, frequency 50 MHz, BOOST 11, Sampling rate 8.39, total conversion time: 0.12 us.

From these posts:
I understood that revision V of the STM32H7 introduced a /2 clock divider between fADC and the ADC,
but CubeMX was not updated, so it still limits us to max fADC clock of 79 MHz, which results in approx. 39.5 Mhz after division.

Since CubeMX cannot help me to set clock config right, I will need to set it up manually.
Can someone post a known good configuration for ADC clock for 50 MHz?

Thank you