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storing string's on flash

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I initialized string array with strings and type cast to uint32_t to store in flash memory as uint32_t. And then read the array as uint32_t. I update one of the string of the  array and type cast uint32_t to store that array in Flash memory back. But whenever I update string value and store on the flash memory. The string has strange characters on it. If you see the string that I am trying to store in string array "21.76".

But in flash memory showing as "yyyy6.Its not storing properly.If you see the picture below in memory browser its showing as "yyyy6".




I dont know why?. Any suggestions.






Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Suppose someone asks you this question. What would you say? Do you have enough information to help him? 

>>Any suggestions.

Doing it wrong, show code, use the </> code pasting tools if you in-line in post, or link to github project illustrating.

Show enough to be coherent, not selective snippets.

Looks like you're not writing the first word.


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Here is the code.


if(strncmp((char*)ptr, "tempc", 5) == 0)
   MY_FLASH_SetSectorAddrs(6, 0x08040000);
   if (strncmp((char*)ptr, "tempc1", 6) == 0)
        Counter = 0;

    MY_FLASH_ReadN(0, (uint32_t*)CStore, sizeof(Ctore),DATA_TYPE_32);
    memset(CStore[Counter], '\0', 10);

     for(char *str =strtok((char*)ptr, " "); str; str = strtok(NULL, " "))
	 if(strncmp((char*)str, "tempc", 5) == 0)

	 strncpy(CStore[Counter], str, strlen(str));  

     MY_FLASH_WriteN(0, (uint32_t*)CStore, sizeof(CStore), DATA_TYPE_32);


Flash possition can be writed only once. For next write require erase before. And your code is chaos of pointers.

Read and apply EEPROM emulation code for STM. an4894-how-to-use-eeprom-emulation-on-stm32-mcus-stmicroelectronics.pdf

Thank you for the reply. For the next write I am doing erase before.

Aghh seems with you can only communicat ChatGPT. Show code 


or better complete relevant code. 

Sure no problem. MY_FLASH_WriteN comes from this. I am using header files on my code. 

Declarations ptr CStore ???

memset(CStore[Counter], '\0', 10);

is absurd if CStore is char array etc.

char CStore array contain old string after read from MY_FLASH_ReadN, I just wanted to clear out that string with memset and write the new string to the CStore array. And then store in flash, thats my thinking.