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STM32H743 POWER without LDO


I have designed a board based on STM32H743VGT6. This package doesn't have LDO PIN. Which item in CUBEMX i have to choose for power supply? Do I have to connect voltage to VCAP pins?


The LDO is internal. It takes the voltage you provide on VDD and converts it down to about 1.2V which it outputs on VCAP. You're required to connect each VCAP pin to ground with a 2.2 uF cap.

PWR_LDO_SUPPLY is the correct choice for most applications. You can bypass the LDO and power VCAP directly (bypass mode) but it's more complicated.

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Thank you. Then what is the problem I can program the device but output pins level doesn't change. I have used cubemx for code generation and Keil for build. In keil the device I can select in "options for target" have 2MB flash but stm32vgt6 have 1MB flash and duo to this problem device Flash memory  is different after ox81000000. Can it cause the problem?