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STM32H7 with USB Bluetooth Dongle

Associate III


I wanted to add bluetooth capability to a board with STM32H745 controller. I have a USB port on the board on which I plan to connect a USB bluetooth dongle for bluetooth connectivity.

Are there any Development boards and example codes available on STM through which the above can be achieved. 

Please suggest any standard USB bluetooth dongles too which can be used






Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

I think this basically needs a Bluetooth stack running on your microcontroller, with HCI running over the USB to the radio in the dongle?



Hello @Andrew Neil 

Thank you for your reply.

We had checked the same option as you suggested. The above needs a extra step, we have to program the device with relevent firmware as per our application. Do all BLE dongles need this extra step or out of the box USB dongles are available where no configuration will be required?





I don't know, but I would imagine that cheap consumer dongles are going to go for the minimum implementation - so just a radio & HCI, with the stack in the Host.

Maybe there are some "professional" dongles available which provide full documentation & support - but that would be expensive.

Maybe something like this:

Or just get a module which is intended for integration into systems ... ?

Associate III

Thanks for sharing the information.

nRF5280 seems a good option considering need for customization later.

Do all dongles will need HCI commands to communicate with the Dongle? Or Can it be like directly sending the data on USB will send to an APP or if an APP sends the data to the Dongle it will be forwarded to the host on USB?

Do we need the stack at the host side for HCI commands?



See my previous reply.