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STM32H7 SPI6 not working with DMA

Associate II

Hello team,

We have another challenge with STM32h725 controller,

What I am trying to do and achieve is,

Setup few external ADC over SPI bus with DMA. The ADC on SPIs other than SPI6 works perfectly.

But the SPI6 is not with regular DMA but with BDMA. The ADC works normally with SPI6 normally without BDMA (polling mode) but does not work when tied to the BDMA.

In both cases (working and not working) I am using the default code generated.

This is a custom board designed around STM32H725 micro.

I have found a similar post with no solution,

STM32H7 SPI6 not working with DMA · Issue #6257 · micropython/micropython (

Would appreciate an early support on this.