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STM32F767/77 controller power consumption ?

Associate II

I am exploring on controller selection. And need to know how much power is consumed by STM32F7 series controllers assuming that very few peripherals are used.

It will have ADC, SPI, Timers, FLASH and FRAM access.

So, wanted to know how much power it will consume.

Any suggestion or input on this part would be a great help.

Thanks !!

ST Employee

Hi @NM.1​ ,

You need to refer to the tables " Typical and maximum current consumption ..." that you find in the product datasheet.

The PCC tool integrated in STM32CubeMX can help you to estimate the power consumption of your application. You need to refer to Appendix D STM32 microcontrollers power consumption 

parameters in UM1718 to know how to use it.


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