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STM32F7 supply issues

Associate III


We currently have a project where we use STM32F767NIH6, customer is concerned that the part is not available with long lead times. When do you see the supply issue returning to normality? There has been no news or statements made by ST on the issue. If we have a better idea of the problems at least we can plan around it.

How is the fab extension in Agrate going?

Will the planned takeover by Intel of Tower semi impact the Agrate extension?

What parts are planned to be made in the new fab?

Anything else the comunity should know about the chip shortage from ST point of view?

Maybe a press release addressing the current situation?






Expect it to persist at least another 12-18 months, you aren't going to make a significant dent in 48-54 week schedules overnight, and there's significant likelihood of things pushing out further if capacity is lost due to "unforeseen events" and issues. If capacity opens up, expect that to back-fill very fast, as I suspect a lot of lines aren't taking new orders currently as we're so far over the horizon already. It's a sellers market, they are likely to dictate terms, and expect prepayment.

No statements are going to help customers who don't have plans and contingencies. Hoping things will improve in the near-term is NOT a strategy. Ones which are inflexible and resistant to change will be in the worst position. Boards likely need to be respun to accommodate different chips, in perhaps more than one foot print. Large high density BGA, that'll be a challenge, odds of a drop-in replacement shrink dramatically. Are you wedded to the F767? Is a SoM approach one you'd consider.

Pretty sure none of this is best handled thru press releases, you should talk with your local sales office and reps about your business volume and plans. If you can't get good answers via that route, what hope is there?

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