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STM32 USB C to UART communication

Associate III

Hello, I am making a development board where I want to use STM32 and USB C connector for power supply to the STM and also for UART communication with the PC. What are the best solutions for this? I looked into using FTDI chip but they are quite expensive. Also, not really sure how to connect the USB C connector for this to work. I am using STM32G0B0CE which has a USB NOE pin which im also not sure how it works or where to connect it.



Any help or referrals will be welcome



Lead II

Many STM32 MCUs, including STM32G0Bx, have USB interface onboard, so just use it. I suggest CDC (=VCOM, =UART emulation) as a starting point.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

If the UART communication with the PC is only for development, not part of the planned product function - use an external USB to serial chip. There are many of them, much cheaper than FTDI. OTOH the FTDI converter has features not available in cheaper converter.