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The STM32H562RG USB interrupt does not work.


The STM32H562RG USB interrupt does not work.
Also, using the library on the Nucleo-H503RB results in a memory error. We verified the other chips work fine, but the H562RG has a problem with the USB interrupt not working.

ST Employee

Hello @sunmk97 

Do you mean USB FS global interrupt is never getting fired? A screenshot of USB_ISTR register would be helpful. On the other side, on Nucleo-H503RB what kind of memory issue you are facing? Could you provide more details?

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BTW: if you forget to implement/provide an INT vector handler - an INT is triggered but it goes to DefaultHandler (which will loop endlessly).

When you say "memory error": do you mean "HardFault_Handler()" called?
This happens when you try to access non-existing memory:
a pointer to memory is wrong, e.g. NULL, not initialized, the RAM (Stack) corrupted...

"memory error" is often a "coding error"