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STM32: DCMI sends unreadable data to terminal

Associate II

Hi Community!

I managed to communicate between the STM32-L4A6 (Nucleo-L4A6ZG) and the OV5640 camera module. I can read the camera's ID, set its modes, and even get image data. But there's a problem: the characters in the data I receive turn into unreadable data at some point (check the video link). Initially, everything looks good, but then it gets messy.

My goal is to send this data to the computer terminal using LUPART. If anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, I'd really appreciate the help.

Thank you in advance!



ST Employee

Hi @nicola3 ,

Each JPEG stream is divided into packets, which have programmable size. The packets dispatching depends on the image content, and results in a variable blanking duration between two packets.
DCMI_HSYNC is used to signal the start/end of a packet. DCMI_VSYNC is used to signal the start/end of the
stream. For that, please make sure that DCMI_HSYNC and DCMI_VSYNC polarities are programmed according to the camera module configuration.

Thank you.


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