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Question about MCU STM32G474RET6, SPI peripheral doesnt work well in 42.5MHz or more

Associate II

Hello ST Team !

I would like to ask you a technical question about the STM32G474RETx controller, SPI peripheral.

I'm trying to configure 2 MCU's (master & slave) as follow:

- SPI1 in Full-Duplex mode, 16bit data width

- Master SYSCLK: 170MHz, SPI clock: 42.5MHz

- Polarity: High, Phase: 2-Edge

- Software NSS and no CRC

The communication is working, but MISO data is shifted by 1 bit right, my question is there a way to configure this to be able to work with 40-50MHz clock ?

its really important for our development, and in the data sheet it says that SPI clock is up to (Pclk_max / 2), so I think it is possible to get faster clock to work with.

Thanks a lot,