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Put function in RAM

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how can I tell to the compiler that I want a function to be executed in RAM ?


Should be able to use an attribute or pragma to indicate which section a particular function is placed in by the linker. Code in the startup or scatter loader should move the code from ROM into RAM.

It is more of a linker directive than a compiler one.

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Something like this ? :

#define EXEC_FUNC_ON_RAM __attribute__ ((section(".data")))
EXEC_FUNC_ON_RAM  void myFunc(int data) {....}

Do I have to modify the linker?

/* Initialized data sections into "RAM" Ram type memory */
  .data :
    . = ALIGN(4);
    _sdata = .;        /* create a global symbol at data start */
    *(.data)           /* .data sections */
    *(.data*)          /* .data* sections */
    *(.RamFunc)        /* .RamFunc sections */
    *(.RamFunc*)       /* .RamFunc* sections */
    . = ALIGN(4);
    _edata = .;        /* define a global symbol at data end */

Also, how do I check if the function in in RAM or FLASH ?

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Found this; it worked correctly:

just add it before the function declaration:

__attribute__ ((section(".RamFunc")));

But don't add a semicolon in the end! Shall be:

__attribute__ ((section(".RamFunc"))) void some_function() {}

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Define section in RAM in linkerscript

use void procedureinram() __attribute__ ((section(".yoursectionname")) {procedure code}

of course it may not be void and may have any parameters.

Just tried that, same results

This is been tried, same results

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Ignore this wrong post.