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problem with the SPI Receive DMA1 in the STM32H723ZG?

Associate II

I am using the STM32H723ZG as my development board. Here I am trying to do the SPI communication. I have an example program of the same board I had tested and it is working fine but in that they have used the BDMA for the receiving side. but I need the same thing using the DMA instead of BDMA.

I had modified the code but I am unable to receive the data. I will attach my modified code Please review and let me know still any modifications needed. Or else if you send me the example code for the SPI receive DMA that would be great. (example code for SPI receive DMA of any (STM32H723ZG or STM32H745ZI-Q ) of the board is fine.

Best Regards


Associate II

Hi Team ,

I am waiting for your inputs to move on in my task .. Please check the above info and code and give your input based on that.

Best Regards.

ST Employee

Hi @Sm.2​ ,

I advise you to follow this example may help you.


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