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NOR Flash(external memory )- Status error


Hi all,

I'm working on the NOR Flash via OSPI(using as QSPI) with the STM32U585 board. implementing this via filex and levelx, i have done all the configuration referring to the example provided by ST with the minor changes. I'm getting error in the following part of code. 

the status return for this should be success but its getting failed. even i tried in the same example one which provided by the ST for the U5 board, even their I'm getting the error. 

could someone help me what could be the problem for getting failure return.

/* Format the OCTO-SPI NOR flash as FAT */

  nor_ospi_status =  fx_media_format(&nor_ospi_flash_disk,                                                           // nor_ospi_flash_disk pointer

                                     fx_stm32_levelx_nor_driver,                                                     // Driver entry

                                     (VOID *)LX_NOR_OSPI_DRIVER_ID,                                                  // Device info pointer

                                     (UCHAR *) fx_nor_ospi_media_memory,                                             // Media buffer pointer

                                     sizeof(fx_nor_ospi_media_memory),                                               // Media buffer size

                                     FX_NOR_OSPI_VOLUME_NAME,                                                        // Volume Name

                                     FX_NOR_OSPI_NUMBER_OF_FATS,                                                     // Number of FATs

                                     32,                                                                             // Directory Entries

                                     FX_NOR_OSPI_HIDDEN_SECTORS,                                                     // Hidden sectors

                                     (LX_STM32_OSPI_FLASH_SIZE - LX_STM32_OSPI_SECTOR_SIZE)/ FX_NOR_OSPI_SECTOR_SIZE,// Total sectors

                                     FX_NOR_OSPI_SECTOR_SIZE,                                                        // Sector size

                                     8,                                                                              // Sectors per cluster

                                     1,                                                                              // Heads


ST Employee

Hello @meghasb ,

Which memory are you using?

Is it the same memory used in Fx_NoR_Write_Read_File example: MX25LM51245G?

Could you please check the OCTOSPI and the hardware configuration.

Thank you.



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