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Associate III

Can any one confirm that STM32G030k8 MCUs can be implemented for DALI-2 lighting.Is the memory works.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Which memory? Any STM32 MCU can drive the DALI bus, or anything like it, with appropriate electronics. A device role is also possible. the spec provides plenty of power and very lazy timing.

Why is the memory related to external components needed?

Assuming, for DALI-2 lighting you need anyway an external chip, interface, extension board - why are you asking "if a memory would work"? I assume, the DALI-2 as interface and protocol itself is not supported on MCU: you need external logic.

A memory should always work (it is internal, if it would fail - your program would crash). Would be your more important question: "how to connect a DALI-2 controller on an MCU?"