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Issue connecting to B-U585I-IOT02A



I am having some issues connecting to the B-U585I-IOT2A development kit with my computer. I have preformed steps 1 through 3 as detailed in section 6 of the user manual UM2839, however, the device is not recognized by device manager and I am unable to to open a terminal to communicate with the board. I have tried different cables, ports, and computers to no avail.

I have connected the development kit to the computer using the micro-type B port (CN8) with JP4 set to 5V_USB_STLK. 

This results in the following LED pattern:

LD3 = Blinking red.

LD5 = Solid green.

LD7 = Blinking green.


I am unable to detect the device using either the cube programmer or the STMcube IDE.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ST Employee

Hello @Stuart_619 ,

Check if your board is blocked with RDP level 2.

In this case, try boot on RSS: BOOT0 pin PH3 to VDD.

I advise you check the AN5347 which explains how to change the boot on STM32U5 boards.

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Hello @Imen.D,


Thank you for your reply! I have followed your instructions above and am still encountering the same issue.

There are no changes to the lack of device detection from the computer or the LED states. 

Thank you for your continued assistance.