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Is Nucleo G0B1RE board FDCAN compatible with MAX3051ESA+ transceiver in Classic CAN Mode ?


I'm using a NUCLEO G0B1RE board in which I'm trying to implement the FDCAN code with a MAX3051ESA+ CAN transceiver. So is this compatible if I use the Classic CAN mode ? If Yes, what are the parameters that need to be set for the following if I'm using 48 MHz clock for both FDCAN & its kernel clock.

  1. Nominal Sync Jump Width
  2. Data Prescaler
  3. Data Sync Jump Width
  4. Data Time Seg1
  5. Data Time Seg2
  6. Nominal Prescaler
  7. Nominal Time Seg1
  8. Nominal Time Seg2

I'm attaching the image as well.0693W00000WLFTNQA5.png


Expect to have to read and under​stand the datasheets and bus level signaling.

Expect to set those parameters as you would any classic implementation, it's just a transceiver.​

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MAX3051ESA is a hardware transceiver, it doesnt care which ClassicCAN/FDCan protocol your mcu is pushing trough.

>>So is this compatible if I use the Classic CANbus mode

  • If youre mixing FDCanbus with Classic CANbus in the same bus there are going to be problems.
  • If youre using FDCanbus but acting as classic CANbus there shouldnt be any problem.


>> & its kernel clock.

If this means youre using the internal HSI, dont.

Use a XTAL external HSE as your system clock.

Why external HSE is required as system clock ?