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How to transpose (use) a i2c driver from esp32/PlatfromIo to stm32f469 discovery kit?

Associate III


Continuing my evolution (after the post above) I want to put the i2c driver (github link below) to run on the stm32f469 discovery kit board.

This is 1 external i2c driver (called SmartDrive)

I put my previous post here from the community, because I don't want to miss this splash screen when writing my new software. Which will use LVGL and will be pressed to run motor 01 (right and left). The same will apply to engine number 02.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Well, in the project you've linked there is #include <Wire.h> and then some I2C manipulations with the "Wire" thing: Wire.beginTransmission(this->_address);, Wire.write etc.

The ST library has its own API for I2C, not compatible with this "Wire" thing. IMHO it won't not port cleanly and needs a complete rewrite of the I2C I/O.

So you'll need to learn some I2C examples provided by ST and do the work, or ... convince somebody else to do this.

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@Pavel A.​ 

I have two more questions for you:

1) Could you list the main changes I will have to make to my github driver?

2) If I can't, where can I find a professional to do this for me in an accessible way financially speaking

Hi @neuberfran​ 

1: In the SmartDrive class, replace all calls to Wire methods to either the STM32 "HAL" library or any other STM32 library you may find.

2: Here, for one: