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I stay trying this: put Yocto in my stm32mp157d-dk2 with issue cd stm32mp157-dk2/repo init -u
Hi,'m trying adapt code in link above to the code in the link below to make a simple blink led(In the case of the link below, the project adds a button). I'm getting the issues below. Any help fr... need to make this video project (which uses stm32f407VGT6) in my stm32f469 disco kit in stm32cube ide 1.10.1I need step by stepLook below for the stm32f469 mcu typing splash screen. There are severa...
Hi,I stay using stm32cubeIde and I need help to configure i2c pins to use bme/bmp280 to see data (results) in Terminal (Log)How to configure Terminal (Uart or other, I don't know) to see logs (results) of the bme/bmp280?
How to connect smte32f469 discovery kit to internet ?
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