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How to get started with FATFS, USB and HDMI

Associate III

Hi everyone i am new to using peripherals like HDMI and USB with my applications and i wanted to get started with it but i didnt simply want to go with HAL libraries instead i want to understand the basics of them and how to start from scratch. Also for SD cards and USB file storing system i think FATFS file system is also essential so please throw some light on that too if possible. Also please share your suggestions if any.

As of now i am using STM32F401RE Nucleo board which support OTG-FS and in CubeMQ shows FATFS in Middleware but i have no idea on how to start.

Pavel A.
Evangelist II

If you have a project on your mind and not sure how to start, how the hardware works and which libraries to use - you can find a helper here:  Good luck!


Okay but is there any references so that i can start by myself.

Principal III

here see examples etc...

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