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How to configure FIR filter in FFT USING NUCLEO-H745ZI

Associate III

Hello Team,

I'm trying to configure FIR filter in FFT in one point I am getting grab data every time in every call back collecting 1024 data and process to arm_fir_f32(); Function, is there any code related to this FIR filter in FFT.

PFA code and sin wave generated.

Best Regards,
Gagan Gowda





>is there any code related to this FIR filter

If you write it - yes. 🙂


What code you expect ? the filter coefficients ?


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ST Employee

Hello @ggowd.1 ,

Please have a look at the X-CUBE-DSPDEMO firmware package which demonstrates the usage of DSP library provided within the CMSIS.

You can get inspired from this package as it includes an FFT example and an FIR example to show a full integration with the STM32 families using its peripherals.

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Hi   AScha.3,

I have watched video in YouTube related to fir filter followed same steps i will attach the code below,

I have generated co-efficient up to 0 to 1khz and 32db sampling frequency 4096hz as low pass filter is any code related to this, please help me out.

Best Regards,

Gagan Gowda