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Help needed to understand the circuits of the x-nucleo-ihm08m1


Hi, is there anyone who can help me to understand the circuits of the x-nucleo-ihm08m1 ? Like explaining to me how the figure 5 does the analog conditiong and current protection.

analog conditioning and current protection circuit.pngauxilliary power supply.pngpower section 1on2.pngpower section 2on2.pngsensing and hall_encoder circuit.png


Completely understanable. Thank you so much !


One more advice concerning the analog stuff:

- learn the basics of operational amplifiers (mainly: inverting, non-inverting, with dual and single supply) and transistors and MOSFETs

- get some simulation program (e.g., LTspice, or whatever your company is using) and simulate circuits you don't understand

I learned the basics but yes I realized I do need more practice.

I didn't thought about it, that is a great idea.

I have a question that has nothing to do with my original post : where is "current ref" (fig.5)? I'm doing the custom schematic but I don't find any info to where current ref is got from to be compared to CP+ (which is the current of the phase 2). I don't find any hardware connexion