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Dual bank swap not working in STM32L4A6 but working in STM32L496

Nikhil D&K
Associate II

Hello Devs,

Currently i have 2 firmware performing same task with different target board selected i.e:

  1. Firmware 1: NFC DFU with STM32L496ZG
  2. Firmware 2: NFC DFU with STM32L4A6ZG

Firmware 1:

Currently in my project with target board selected as "STM32L496" and NFC Tag ST25DV04KC tag, i am performing NFC DFU using dual bank mode. Now everything works fine in this firmware, i am able to download the firmware in Banks and by setting/resetting BFB2 optional byte, i am able to swap banks as well. And also when i flash the same project on "STM32L4A6ZG" i am still able to perform Dual Bank update.

Firmware 2:

But when i create new STM32 project with target selected as "STM32L4A6ZG" and rest firmware is same like Firmware 1 still after storing the packets from the NFC in Bank 2 and after setting BFB2 optional byte my program stucks after execution of function "HAL_FLASH_OB_Launch". So can anyone please help me with this issue.

Below is the ToggleBankandReset function which i call after successfully transfering firmware:

void toggleBankAndReset(void) {
	/* Set BFB2 bit to enable boot from Flash Bank2 */
	/* Allow Access to Flash control registers and user Flash */
	/* Clear OPTVERR bit set on virgin samples */
	/* Allow Access to option bytes sector */
	/* Get the Dual boot configuration status */
	/* Enable/Disable dual boot feature */
	if (((OBInit.USERConfig) & (OB_BFB2_ENABLE)) == OB_BFB2_ENABLE) {
		logUsart("Bank1 mapped  to 0x00000000 at boot");
	} else {
		logUsart("Bank2 mapped  to 0x00000000 at boot");
	if (HAL_FLASHEx_OBProgram(&OBInit) != HAL_OK) {
		 Error occurred while setting option bytes configuration.
		 User can add here some code to deal with this error.
		 To know the code error, user can call function 'HAL_FLASH_GetError()'
		/* Infinite loop */
		while (1) {
	/* Start the Option Bytes programming process */
	if (HAL_FLASH_OB_Launch() != HAL_OK) {
		 Error occurred while reloading option bytes configuration.
		 User can add here some code to deal with this error.
		 To know the code error, user can call function 'HAL_FLASH_GetError()'
		/* Infinite loop */
		while (1) {
	/* Prevent Access to option bytes sector */
	/* Disable the Flash option control register access (recommended to protect
	 the option Bytes against possible unwanted operations) */

And referring to STM32L496 Dual Boot examples, i have also modified the "System Init" function called from the startup file. Below is the code snippet:

 void SystemInit(void) {
  	/* FPU settings ------------------------------------------------------------*/
  #if (__FPU_PRESENT == 1) && (__FPU_USED == 1)
  	SCB->CPACR |= ((3UL << 10 * 2) | (3UL << 11 * 2)); /* set CP10 and CP11 Full Access */
  	/* Reset the RCC clock configuration to the default reset state ------------*/
  	/* Set MSION bit */
  	/* Reset CFGR register */
  	RCC->CFGR = 0x00000000;
  	/* Reset HSEON, CSSON , HSION, and PLLON bits */
  	RCC->CR &= (uint32_t) 0xEAF6FFFF;
  	/* Reset PLLCFGR register */
  	RCC->PLLCFGR = 0x00001000;
  	/* Reset HSEBYP bit */
  	RCC->CR &= (uint32_t) 0xFFFBFFFF;
  	/* Disable all interrupts */
  	RCC->CIER = 0x00000000;
  	/* Configure the Vector Table location add offset address ------------------*/
  #ifdef VECT_TAB_SRAM
    SCB->VTOR = SRAM_BASE | VECT_TAB_OFFSET; /* Vector Table Relocation in Internal SRAM */
  	SCB->VTOR = FLASH_BASE ; /* Vector Table Relocation in Internal FLASH */

So can anyone please have a look at this issue what could be the issue here ? Because the exact same program works for the STM32L496 but not for STM32L4A6.



I know that HAL_FLASH_OB_Launch function trigger the reset. But on reset the controller get's stuck somehwere, even on the hard reset it doesn't boot up.

Hello @F.Belaid​ ,

Can you please provide me a project where a dual bank swap is working on STM32L4A6, so that i can check if there is any issue in the System Init function called from startup file. Currently i am using the System Init function similar to the one given in dual bank example given in STM32L496 repository.

For reference i have also provided the "System Init" function defintion in my main question above.

@NK.13omalan​ Thank you for the reference, indeed same SystemInit.

Attached the project.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @FBL 

Hope you are doing well. I am once again stuck with the dual bank issue.


In our product we have changed our MCU to  STM32L496VGTX. Currently i was able to download new firmware into the bank 2 but after swapping banks and reset the new firmware is not getting loaded.  Used the system init and swap bank function provided by you before.  

I have tried to implement the same issue in a standalone project which i have attached for your reference. Where demo binary example (Red led blinking f.w)  is programmed at address 0x08080000 (bank 1) using STLink Utility. 



Now using STM32Cube IDE i am running code on bank 0, with Blue led blinking. On button press the banks will swap and reset will take place. But for some reason i am unable to switch to new firmware. 


Can you please look into this issue. I have attached  the project file containing all the code needed for bank swap.