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Does Stm32l496zgt6 have AES hardware



I'm working on STM32L496 for some security application, as per L4 series documents I see that L4 series controllers has AES hardware, but in my IOC settings under security option I don't see the AES. 

Why is this? does it mean STM32L496 doesn't have AES hardware inbuilt? if yes is there any software approach?


Jocelyn RICARD
ST Employee

Hello @ML2020 ,

The STM32L496 does not support AES hardware accelerator.

It seems there is a mistake in the RM0351 rev 9 at beginning of chapter 28 page 833

Instead of 

This section applies to STM32L49x/L4Ax devices only.

it should be

This section applies to STM32L48x/L4Ax devices only.

You can check in related datasheets.

Best regards


ST Employee


answering your question "if yes is there any software approach?"

if you want to do this by software you can used ST cryptographic library found in this link and a guide on how to incorporate it into you project in here .


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There's always a software approach..

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