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Driver IHM16M1 burnt pin?


In the lab with a power supply (10V 0.5A) connected to the DC bus of the IHM16M1, the 3 phases of a DC motor, and some oscilloscope probes on the GPIOs of the STM32F302R8 I probably created a short (I don't know how, I deduce).

I deduce this because now the STM32F302R8 is not detected by the CubeIDE ... the LEDs light up when I connect it to the pc's usb, but if I debug it it gives me an error saying it does not detect it. I have (thankfully) another one that works, so it's not a problem.

The problem is that when debugging the code that via the FOC algorithm controls the motor, one of the 3 phases (the "W" phase) of the IHM16M1 driver remains at 0! In fact, only the onboard LEDs related to phase U and V light up.

- Let's assume that my code is all written correctly ... so, for the moment, no questions about the code

- I have disconnected the IHM16M1 driver from the STM32F302R8 several times by testing the individual GPIOs that "enable" the uController phases, testing the TIMER pins that generate the PWM for the phases, etc. and they all work!

So I am beginning to think that the pin or track related to the W phase of the IHM16M1 driver is burned out.

How can I verify this? What tests can I do? (both hardware and software tests)

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-29 at 20.36.02.jpeg

(In the photo I removed the screws from the three phases just to connect each one to the gloss probe and check the status of the phases)