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Differences between Revisions of STM32F205



There are 8 revisions of the STM32F205: 'Y', 'X', '1', 'V', '2', '3', '4' and '5'.

The silicon errata shows the status of support for all revisions, with no mention of individual revisions.


Does this mean that all revisions are the same?

Is it correct to assume that there are no differences in functionality or specifications depending on the revision?

If so, what is the difference between the revisions?

I have not found any clear answer in the documentation.


Likely mask sets for different manufacturing sites


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ST Employee

Dear @YYama.4 @Tesla DeLorean ,


Thank you for the question, indeed in our Erratasheet we specify all technical user / customer functional specifications change . In this case of our STM32F2 series which was diffused using our first ST Proprietary 90nm process from our first factory in south of France, then to extend capacity and serve our customers we produced it in another two factories another one in France and the other with external partner . So in total we have 3 different diffusion factories , on top of that in two of them we made a minor silicon change to enhance our Production Yield such as few parameters like re-centering a distribution of a specific parameter but without changing the specification either in datasheet or reference Manual . The main reason is to enhance production yield and minimize rejects at Wafer testing for all produced dices .  Therefore we keep these 8 revisions at production and it is important to our customer to know for their production qualification.

hope it helps you . Have a great Sunday !



Dear STOne-32,

Thank you for your prompt response even though it is Sunday.

So, in conclusion, all 8 revisions have the same performance and specifications, and there is no need to revise the program or any inconvenience caused by the different revisions?

The differences in revisions are only for the purpose of improving the production location and production yield, and there is NO difference in performance, specifications, errata, etc., at all?

Thank you for your support.