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CPU not Halted . Target for waiting timout halted.(STM32L431RC)

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hi ,

i am using the stlink v2 programmer . i am using the stm32l431RC microcontroller . i am very confused .

  1. i connected properly stlink v2 to the microcontroller and i am using IDE stmcube ide and keil v5

1.1 when i select GDBserver it successfully programmed to a microcontroller but looping instruction is not executed i don,t know why. during running the program if I press the button as the extern interrupts its stops I don't know where it will be stuck.

  1. 2 when I am seetting in stmcube ide open ocd then its says "target for waiting for timout " CPU not halted and it's not programmed

1.3 when I am using the Keil IDE again CPU is not halted at main .

i don't know why it's happening please suggest to me what are the possibilities for this error

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even i chaeked the voltage as microcontroller level i got 3.3v

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Hello @Asing.3​ , hope you are doing well. i am facing problem while programming the stm32l431rc through stlink v2. but the target doesn't connect to stlink showing error "Unknown MCU found on target.", can you help me by sending details that how you connected the stm32l431rc with stlink, which board did you used for this.

Thanks in advance.