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Cannot flash STM32F769I Disco in Keil MDK5 with 'Erase sectors' in Flash Download. Erase full chip works!

kiran kanchi
Associate II


i am facing problem with flashing my STM32F769I Disco.

the flashing works when i change to erase full chip instead of sector erase on Keil MDK 5.

Full chip erase takes longer time as usual and i dont prefer full erase every time.

The project is a standard one from keil, refer the attached picture.

kindly let me know proper target settings to use Sector erase(which works when project is generated through cubeMx) for flashing.


Load one of the example projects under the HAL/Cube trees, they should build and download without problem. Default setting erase blocks as required.

Anything else plugged into the F769I-DISCO board?

Try a different USB cable, try a different USB port, try a different computer.

Check voltages on the board.

Check current firmware on ST-LINK.

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kiran kanchi
Associate II

hi clive,

-nothing else is plugged into the f769

-yes, i have tried different cables, i mean same cable works for project generated through CubeMx without problems.

-Voltages are stable

-Current ST-Link firmware is up to date .

i seem to be missing some debug or flash settings in target config of Keil. can't figure which one yet.

Could you please try with your setup if you have ? take an example from keil itself and flash.