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CAN Communication in Loopback mode with STM32F407

Associate III

I want to implement CAN Communication in Loopback mode in which I have added Can interrupt mode . In Tx interrupt it will sent data after every 1000 m/s and data increment . In Rx interrupt it will read the sent data. I compiled the code and it will show me the value in live registers.  But I am not able to see that in logic analyzer. Suggest me some ideas to help me out.

Karl Yamashita
Lead II

You haven't said which CAN controller and the port pin you're monitoring. Is the CAN transceiver in place and are you connected to other CAN nodes? If so, are you probing before or after the CAN transceiver? If it's after the Transceiver, is the RS pin pulled low?

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ST Employee


What config you have enabled?

This one:


or this one:


Or this one?


You need to select the second one and configure the correct GPIO pin.

And don't forget to enable the pull-up for Rx pin.

Otherwise you need to share your project for an efficient help.



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