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Build the code for Keil

Associate II

I configured lwip in cube for stm32f107, when I generate code for keil and run it the micro hangs, but if I write a program without cube, it runs without any problem.

What is the problem?

Note: If I get the output for CubeIDE, it runs without any problem.


Hi @Piranha​ 

The stack size is correct. I didn't use printf, but I don't know if LWIP used it or not.

I didn't use COM or UART port in my device and therefore I didn't make settings for it and I didn't connect printf to it either.

When I run the same code with cubeide, it runs, but when it receives data from the network several times, only the network stops working and there is no ping, but everything else works.

i remove freertos but the problem still exists


Hi  HKabi.1 !

I also had the same problem as you on CubeMx version 6.9.2 and stm32cube_fw_f4 V1.27.1. This is ST's latest software update. If you have found the solution, please guide me.