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X-CUBE-USB-AUDIO USB microphone 24 bit mode not working.


Alright, so I've been struggling quite a bit for the past week trying to get the X-CUBE-USB-AUDIO project working in STM32CUBEIDE on a STM32H745 MCU and looks like I have more or less everything up and running pretty good, at least in 16 bit mode. Problem is, when I set the recording resolution to 24 bits, Windows can no longer start a recording session. When enabling "Listen to this device", nothing happens, and when trying to record something with Audacity, it throws out "Error code -9999 Unanticipated host error".

Since my knowledge about the USB audio class and USB in general for that matter, is rather limited, I have no idea where to even begin debugging this.

I have verified that the MicStart callback isn't being called when starting recording.

Has anyone run into similar issues or have any idea how to start poking at this issue?

Chief II

I have simmilar issue , when i enable 24 bit playback windows show list with supported modes (i enable 32k 44k1 48K 96k)

windows show one 16bit and three 24bit, but no one work or start testing play.


Hello, would you happen to have a guide on how to get it working on your STM32H745 MCU?