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USB PD: Sending Battery_Status Data Message

Associate II

Hi ST USB PD community. I'm using but can't seem to find the right callbacks to respond to our port-partner when they send a Get_Battery_Status command.

I need the ST MCU to respond with the Battery_Status data message.  Does the USBPD library support this?

I have similar question for Battery_Capabilities and Manufacturer_Info.

thank you for the support!



Winfred LU
ST Employee

Those messages are all Extended messages.

They are supposed to be handled in USBPD_DPM_ExtendedMessageReceived callback, but it looks not yet implemented.

Refer to usbpd_dpm_user.c in the Src folders of the projects.

Associate II

Hi Winfred, thank you for the prompt response.

Yes, I noticed USBPD_DPM_ExtendedMessageReceived() and also noticed that it wasn't being called when the library received Get_Battery_Status.

Is there anything I can do to help integrate the support in the next release?

Winfred LU
ST Employee

I am not sure if @Nicolas P. would like to comment about this?

Guenael Cadier
ST Employee

Hello @DDesr.1 

You will need some updates on application side in order to enable handling of GET_BATTERY_STATUS reception. First you need to enable the support of the Get Battery Status message type into the application configuration : Update the Is_GetBattery_Supported field in your DPM_Settings structure to USBPD_TRUE

Then you need to allow storing on application side for the type of information requested by the GET_BATTERY_STATUS.

This is done by adding this specific data type (USBPD_CORE_GET_BATTERY_STATUS) in the USBPD_DPM_SetDataInfo() of your usbpd_dpm_user.c

  DPM_Ports[PortNum].DPM_GetBatteryStatus.BatteryStatusRef = *(uint8_t*)Ptr;

Then the USBPD stack will build a BATTERY STATUS message whose content has to be provided by application side.
This is done through the call of USBPD_DPM_GetDataInfo() of your usbpd_dpm_user.c with the USBPD_CORE_BATTERY_STATUS data type.
Here is an example of what could be the code on application side for this :

  USBPD_BSDO_TypeDef battery_status;

  battery_status.d32 = 0;
  battery_status.b.BatteryPC = ...;
  battery_status.b.BatteryInfo = ...;

  *Size = 4;
  memcpy((uint8_t *)Ptr, (uint8_t *)&battery_status.d32, *Size);

Of course, this is just an example, but this mechanism allows the application to fully define the content of the answer to the Get_Battery_Status command.
Hope this helps.

PS : GET_BATTERY_STATUS is not handled through USBPD_DPM_ExtendedMessageReceived() fonction, which is only handling FirmwareUpdate request/response and Security request/response message types.