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STSPIN Studio --- Stepper Motor 24BK20-30 --- NucleoF401RE

Senior III

I have the above subject powered with 24V, 3A power supply.  The motor is not loaded.  I keep having issues trying to write to the device.  How do I get this warning to not appear and why is it appearing?

My second question is when I do BLDC stuff with MC WorkBench it generates an STM32CubeIDE project but I see nowhere within STSPIN to have this done.....How do I transition a working Stepper solution to an STM32CubeIDE project?



Cristiana SCARAMEL
ST Employee

Hello @SWenn.1 ,

the motor must not be in motion to write the parameters.

The STSPIN Studio is an evaluation software, it does not output a project for STM32.

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Hello Cristiana.

Is there a library for powerSTEP01 that can be incorporated into an STM32CubeIDE projects?

If so please point me to the URL.


Hello @SWenn.1,

unfortunately, there are no library for powerSTEP01 available.